Rebinding Flag Keys

Hello everyone! It feels great to be back after multiple years.

Since returning, I’ve switched keyboard layouts to Dvorak. The GBV keys are all on the right side of the keyboard, and I’m a right-handed mouse user. They also aren’t bundled up in a triangle as in QWERTY.

Is there in-game code that I can write in order to rebind my flag hotkeys to something more convenient? I’m in Backwoods Forest, on Signal Corpse. Failing the level by not killing fast enough. This might be due to slow flag placement, or I might just need to improve my armor to handle the large ogres.

Also, I love the redesign of the initial 2 worlds. A+ changes!

First, welcome back! I would try emailing, This is an issue that they would be better suited to handle. Be sure to provide your game username and associated email address.

Thank you for the welcome back. It feels great to be here. CodeCombat kept calling to me over the years lol.

Will do. Merci.

Edit: I bought a helmet. That, plus me improving my flag dropping skills, won me the level. Onward and upward.

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