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Repeatable levels, choosing difficulty ? [Suggestion]


Can’t find anything already said on the forum about this, so I’m suggesting it :

How about making repeatable levels being able to choose the difficulty we’re playing at ? Of course, only maximum unlocked difficulty would award more gems. Many good things already happened to repeatable levels, and I’m greatful for these. But when I struggle several days to improve from one difficulty to the next one, I’d like to be able to watch it work more than once ! It feels a little odd to win only once and loosing so many times.


Question is would it involve a small penalty (like locking the level for 1 hour [per level?]) on failing, or can you submit a lower level as often as you want?

Obviously you can run your code as often as you want, but a win in a run is not equals a win in a submit.


In my mind, I pictured it without penalties on send spacing for (potential) lower levels. Because If you can’t earn gems from it, nor mark it “done” on your map anymore, there is no point in sending rather than just running it.


If hypothetically there already existed a way to lower your difficulty, where would you look for it?


Firsrt :


Then :

I’d change the text for this specific message box to warn the player that only the maximum difficulty could grant a reward.
EDIT Maybe just a dropdown selection, similar to the language (Python, JS etc) selection would be (much) better than all those buttons next to each other. :

Also, it would make sense to me if I could change the level directly from the url without going through the interface of the game. (most of the time, when I help people on the forum, I don’t search the level they’re asking on the map, I type the name in the adress bar). I’d add the level with a slash, for example :

Thanks for taking into consideration this suggestion.


My new, and I think better suggestion for placement of difficulty is a dropdown selection tool in the inventory UI. By default, the selected difficulty would be set to the maximum, unless selected otherwise.

I think it would be easier for the user experience, and also clearer, as there is no need for a new window only one parameter to set.

The drawback is : there is no room for an explaination sentence, but it could be left for loading screens. But on the other hand, there is no explaination why a re-sent victory isn’t granting rewards, and no one ever wondered about it. There is no need for explaination as it feels natural and coherent with the game to only be rewarded the first time one beat a new level (or new difficulty).


Ooh, I like this last UI concept. Can you create a GitHub issue describing this, with the screenshot?


Well, I’m no Github kinda guy. But I’ll try to jump into the pool. I guess that’s a good reason to do so. It should be done by tomorrow. If I can’t pull it off, i’ll be back here to whine for help about GitHub :smile:

EDIT First steps on GitHub : DONE.