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How to replay repeatable levels at lower difficulty?


I want to replay repeatable levels at lower of the reached difficulty without earning experience and gems. How to do it?


I don’t think you can. Each time you win it increases in difficulty.


Currently, there isn’t a way to do that, unfortunately. I considered adding one. If it did exist, where would you expect it to be–where did you look for it?


I think the interface can be something alike, the text needs to be changed a little.levels


I’d expect to find something like this somewhere around the submit button.

I was thinking of something like this…



My idea is replaying previous levels to be a warm-up for the superior level. You will submit if the goal is to beat the score for a level already done. This will be exercise to tune your strategy for much more difficult challenge.
A teacher can explain more advanced concepts and let the children to be creative in these levels without the fear of losing the battle. As a future enhancement there can be a separate code page for each level from 1 to N.


If you do submit previous level and if you somewhat fail, then you’ll have to wait 1 day in order to try again.


Obviously, that would have to change. It would change so that you would only have to wait if you submitted to the next level up and failed.