Sacred Grove Summon Bug

Hello, I’m playing as Nalfar and I love to summon monster to help me fight.
But in this level, it seems that when my skeleton from summon-undead skill walks in the forest it triggers the fail goal event.

Skeleton ally shouldn’t affect this goal “protect the forest from ogres”

Please make sure to whitelist :

  • Burl (summon-burl)
  • Skeleton (summon-undead)
  • Ally (raise-dead)

Level :

I see what you mean. A skeleton cut through the forest to get to another opening and it triggered a fail. While I don’t disagree that these should be allowed, all of your monster friends is a little overkill on this level. :cowboy_hat_face: As you can see from the post below, I accidentally beat the level with good armor and the Thorns ring.