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Should i be an expert programmer to play this game


i didn’t play the game yet
and i still learning python so,
i want to know is this game going to teach me or should i continue learning then come again


It will teach you the very basics in the beginner campaign, but the beginner campaign doesn’t last very long right now–and then there are some more advanced levels, but those aren’t really teaching levels.

However, we are working on a new beginner campaign that will teach you everything, so stay tuned!


I’m a total noob, and I’ve managed to pick up some cool stuff. If you’re just learning Python, this should help you out. I’ve gone from total noob to…still a noob, but I can do a little coding now!


Youd don’t need to be a pro, if you use python language and practice, you will get better! :wink:


I think the main idea behind this game is learn while playing a really fun one, so either this question should be moot point or I had a completly wrong impression! :stuck_out_tongue:


That is the brilliance of this game - it’s designed to teach a person how to code while playing a game. It starts off super super simple, and works its way up.

mostafa_my02: If you get stuck at some point, it’s often a worthile idea to consider going through the beginning levels again, which will help dial in the basics. Strong basics (I still need to work on mine! I’m by no means a pro!) will help in further levels. :slight_smile:


You don’t have to be an expert! The goal is to teach you how to program. In the multiplayer arenas the more advanced programmers do have an edge though. so keep that in mind


Agree, this is in fact a fun and captivating way to learn coding from the ground up!
My wife and kids (all non-programmers) are making progress, each at their own pace of course.