Should I buy the Dragon helmet or the Dragon armor or a Sword?

Which one would you recommend me to buy
Here is my gear

Do what ever you think will be more profitable @Falcons118.

I think that they all three are good and I cant decide :sob:
Well I cant decide on the armor :sob:

You already have dragon armour. I would recommend buying either: the enameled dragon plate helmet (you might as well go for the best one) or Deflector (the shield).


I recommend getting the Deflector first, then you should get Enameled Dragon Helmet.

i reccondmend what @Deadpool198

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What I meant was the enameled dragon helmet or the enameled dragon chestplate

I would go for the helmet.

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so the helmet then the shield?
Or I could buy the temple guard sword…

I would maybe do the sword then the helmet then the shield… what shield do you have right now?

My armor is right here

Do the shield first.

yeah get the ice sheild

Which ever one wins

Which one
  • Enameled Dragon helmet
  • Shield

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Ill give it a day and then buy water wins


water wings? what is water wings

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sorry I meant whatever wins

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well shield won hat ovbiously

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well Thats because only 3 people voted

sword they are cool and they are good