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Enameled Dragonplate Helmet ๐Ÿ˜†

the other posts for similar topics were in like 2015 soโ€ฆ
but for any of the higher ups who coded CoCo, any reason besides โ€œIt looks coolโ€ that the Enameled Dragonplate Helmet is 400 more than the Chestplate yet being 1/2 the health value? Because its hilarious imagining myself grinding 12k gems to look good.


idk. i think wariors look down on helmets because in battle they can show their heroic hair?!?!?!?


Unlesss youโ€™re Okar.

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just like in the movies. no headgear, just face. and yet no one goes for the headshot

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yes. so weird. people always go for the harest spots

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hmm my opponent is wear heavy adamantine armor with chainmail underneath, as he wields a 20ft greatsword. He wears no helmet and no boots to show off his feet and epic hair. My gameplan? aim for the heart.

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btw i have tennis from 3-5 so ill be off then

Helmets are more expensive. and you would probably buy the chest plate first, but after that you save even more and buy the helmet to get a ton more heath. Itโ€™s not that bad you just get the chestplate first.

noooooooโ€ฆ imagining the horror of mismatching armor pieces

or you could get them both at once. But thatโ€™s not as efficient.