Should I make a new account for javascript?

I was wondering if I should make a new account for javascript?

Yes you should it is the language of the web and it is very useful and a challenge

Yeah, but should I make a whole new account or just restart my progress?

A new account save your progress that way you can still have your accomplishments as a coder saved.

oh, good. Didn’t want to leave my python one :smile:

Yeah Python is really fun. Tip: for JS don’t skip levels it is hard language so be careful(don’t get your hero killed.)

Yea you should because if you switch your current account to it you will have to go back and re learn the levels that you have completed

wait, I have an old account. How to reset progress?

Go to settings, then reset it.

Yes @abc is correct you can reset your progress in settings. The sad thing about it is that you will have to redo everything you completed

That is why I said start a new acount.

No @milton.jinich he is saying he already has an old account he is willing to reset. Therefore a new one isn’t needed

Oh great so this topic is solved and should be closed :+1:

Yes, @Chaboi_3000, close this topic.