Should i restart?[SOLVED]

im thinking of restarting its just that i dont want to lose all my simulations can you restart without losing it? thanks

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I also have a question, when you restart/reset do you also lose your heroes?

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When you reset your progress, any heroes purchased will also be reset.


why did you delete my post?

but is there a way to restart but not lose simulations?

No, you lose all progress.

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oh i wont restart then

If you restart, if you’re a non-sub, can you still play the levels that you’ve done when you were a sub?

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do you also lose your subscription if you restart?

No, you’d still keep the subscription and get refunded any gems you got from buying one.

I think you can still play them. I’ll ask @stephanie to make sure though.


oh ok thank you so much!

i think i’ll finish all the levels then restart with java

@ineedhelpwithcoding looks like if you reset your progress you will lose access to the levels once completed as a subscriber. Basically, you are clearing out your progress so there will be no memory of what was once completed vs incomplete.


Lets say you restarted when you were a sub. And then after you restart and you’re not a sub anymore, could you play the sub levels before you restarted but without any code?

You’d lose access to them. If your subscription expires, then any work-in-progress levels will still be accessible, but any levels that hasn’t been started cannot be accessed.