Shoutouts for anyone, anytime!


This is a fun topic where anyone, anytime can give a shoutout to another person, whether for helping with solving a level, helping them with technical issues, or even making the forum, a nice cozy place to be in! Let’s start! To give a shoutout, use this format: I give a shoutout to “@Username” for “Reason” And btw no bolds please! Drop a like if you like it, and keep giving shoutouts!


I give a shoutout to @Chaboi_3000 for helping the forum with this new topic!


It’s ‘helping’ not ‘making’. I give a shoutout to @ bryukh minus the space in there for designing the games made in codecombat.


I give another shoutout to @Seojin_Roy_Lee for helping fix my error!


Shoutout to @maka for fixing restless dead!


Shoutout to @ everyone (don’t want to spam everyone on the forum) for being awesome!


Shoutout to @SuperSmacker for being a regular! :stuck_out_tongue:


Who gave you the “Helpful User?” title? Was it @Chaboi_3000 if it was how can he give other people titles?


Shoutout to @MunkeyShynes for being a great moderator. and the staff for making and running the game.


Not me, it’s probably ET


Ha ha ha, what do you mean? I don’t want your riddles.


No it’s not me, it prob maka or munkey.


oh, k (20 chararact)


It’s never me who fixes it! I just point it out to the game designers!


I wanna give a shoutout to @Chaboi_3000, @Gamestack, and @Enderlord832 for all of the help, and likes that they have supported me with. Thanks guys! Also another shoutout to @Chaboi_3000 for this topic. It was a great idea!!!:smile::+1: Also a shoutout to @maka, he is always trying his best to be in the know and support us when we have problems in the game. He gives us the best information and stops users who are using the forum incorrectly. Thanks @maka!!

Yes maka you point it out to the game designers however without your help codecombat wouldn’t be as successful. Your help is essential. We just wanna love on you right now!! Good Job!!


Shout out to @Gamestack for being awesome. lol


Shoutout for @Gamestack, @Luke10, @maka, @Deadpool198, @Chaboi_3000, @SuperSmacker, @SwyGuy, and @Seojin_Roy_Lee for posting on this thread.!


Thanks @Anna!:smile:


Shoutout to @everyone for writing awesome codes. :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry for spamming eveyrone’s notification box)


Shoutout to @Anna for being helpful on the forum. GG!!