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Shoutouts for anyone, anytime!


Hey guys so back in 2018, one of our users made a topic to give our users and moderators some love. It was made so that anything nice u had to say abt a member or just if u wanted to love on a moderator or member bcause u felt like it, that was the place to do it. So I decided to continue with that streak if u wanna call it that. Now u may be thinking, wait hold up, we already got a topic for that. And that is true but…according to the FAQ, bringing up a “dead” topic is not advised. The last time someone posted on it was November of 2018. So that is why I created another topic for it! I wanna love on @Anna, @maka, @Chaboi_3000, and @Deadpool198 for making this forum a great place!


Actually, the FAQ never said anything about necroposting. I’ll move this topic to the previous version. (Done)


to @SuperSmacker for all… Where are you fellow?