Bug in Duelling Grounds

Someone called @Destroyerichard123 make me attack myself in duelling grounds. How can I make that stop?


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Hammer rules) *Hummer==nammer [I misspelled(]
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But truthfully and without jokes - it’s really annoying thing. And it’s not fair playing game. I have a few guys noted to my little black notebook as cheaters)


I’ve noticed your clever hammer tactics… Good job, you’re no.1 on both sides aren’t you? That’s pretty cool, especially for a non-sub hero.
About the cheaters, I have mentioned some of them to Nick ages ago, and they did get sorted out, and the bug has been mentioned on Github as well. I’m not sure whether they can fix it or not.

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It is really annoying when you try really hard to make a code and the enemy just beat you and you can not do anything about it.


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Yes, I agree… :neutral_face:. You could report it on github again, they do look at the issues sometimes. I seem to remember they thought they fixed this problem multiple times, so maybe it just keeps coming back but they’ll be able to fix it.

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I think it could be fixed. At least I hope so. As far as defeat.method exploit was.

About 1-st place and non sub… Yep, I’m on the top most of the time. I hope this inspire newbees to learn and shows that in fact one can be quite good in ladders having basic character and not bad skills, good tactics, persistence and patience.
And it it flatters my pride, of course)


how is that possible even???

also what are hummer rules

Well, take a look at Alex’s tactic and ye shall see. It’s very clever because, as well as being a very good tactic that beats other top players, it’s also immune to the two annoying bugs:
Old, low level players breaking both of your codes with loop, instead of while True, and people using the bug mentioned at the top of the topic.
So it’s a good all rounder.

It’s hammer.

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that’s cool i never battle top of ladder people so i have no idea

Maybe you should, you can learn quite a lot from their tactics.

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well for a fact they have good stuff my account got deleted image :sob: :sob:

Yes, it really annoying… Unfortunately we can’t “flag” that games with cheaters… Here is one topic, about something like this:

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Reporting this to Matias. :+1:


Yes I can manage with loop bug almost always, but in case of bug like reported at the start of the topic I’m almost helpless. In this exact case I could cause I have no weapon so I can’t attack myself. But most of times I loose.
I can’t take back control in fight with these guys:



And I doubt if someone can cast invisibility at the start of the level here:


Looks like effect is turn off. In spite of having the ring and right spelling and syntax.

The most interesting for me is guy Weevilgenius. I saw him on cavern survivals and treasure grove and he always marked as win, but when I load the fight he stands doing absolutely nothing.



A little frustrating, yes. But let’s keep optimism)