So many things in Player Versus Player I don't understand

I just realized that you could select to players with the eye icons and then watch them fight with “Spectate” button above. Before I would just watch random spectates or just click one eye, which again just gives you random spectates.

So I came to ask what some other stuff does.

Mainly its under “Simulate” that I don’t understand.

"Games simulated for you : " is always at 0. "Games currently in the queue: " seems to move about in the low single digits. Games played is always blank for me and my Ratio is NaN but other people have numbers.

I also wanted to know if I simulate does it increase my chances of getting rated with just that type of match or will the increase be across all the levels I have games being ranked in ?

Just wondering what all this stuff is.

btw Under “Ladder” the “More” button doesn’t do anything anymore.

Here is a thread that tells more about simulating.

Thanks for the reply, great thread, my kids start simulating along with the first levels. The thread does not however give any clues to what “Games Played” is or the other issues.

More button is working again btw =)

Games Played is buggy right now, since it only tracks the one way of having your games simulated which is currently broken, and doesn’t track the other way which is currently simulating all the games! It’s just a vanity metric, anyway. Keep on simulatin’. :slight_smile: