Solution to no activity in forums

So just a few years ago, the forums button was moved down to the bottom of the page. People dont really go there, thus makig activity close to nothing. My solution is that if u failed beating a level, in the top right of the screen, add a link to the forums. This will get more people on the forums and they can ask for help. Rasing activity and coding skills


My idea for this:

If the player is having trouble, and they have already run their code 4-5 times, there should be a pop-up with the link to the discourse in the corner. The pop-up should also have a little sound effect so that the player can notice the pop-up.

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Or maybe also if they leave the tab for an extended period of time, which could suggest that they are researching answers.

I know this is sorta necroposting and iā€™m really sorry about that but could someone look into this? @admins?

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