What can I do for forum?

So, I have been promoted to Regular, but recently I had no job to do.All the lvl help topics are already helped, and mods do all their stuff by themselves, so idk what to do?
Like, how can I help?


You can share coding strategies. Share a strategy for hard levels like, Kelavintaph Defiler. Kelavintaph Crusader, and Kelavintaph Burglar. These hard levels require a lot of strategy and you can make topics to help people with it.


Can you send me links, please?




How to post a link without obtrusive logos:

no https:// at the start and a ? at the end

Do you guys think someone will read them? My experience tells me NO!. About 3/4 takes the code for these levels from internet and then spend their time in the off-topics, They have no idea what the code does but are eager for prestigious badges.


Um, are those logos a bad thing then?

First of all @Anonym Congratulations on Regular! And second you can do what I do which is making sure people are obeying the rules of the forum.


“making sure people are obeying the rules of the forum.”
The right to enforce the rules of the forum is given only to the admins. Otherwise, everyone will impose their personal preferences. (For example, someone may consider 90% of everything written in the forum since March last year as spam and want everyone to delete their unnecessary posts …)

Reaction to the imposition of a non-existent rule:

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So, what can I do then?

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Can I mark the solved topics solved?

Or only the mods can?

If you are a Regular, you can edit topics. So if you see that topic is solved, you can put it of course.


And you can change the #part so for example if a topic is unlabeled and the person is asking for help on a level then you can change it to #level-help by going to the top of the page click the pencil.


Ok, and what else can I do?

You can heart more people.

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I know)Just it all comes to off-topic mumbling and everything like that.(
I hate being idle.


You can look on the Regular badge to see what you can do I think.

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OH! And you can get access to the lounge!


Yeah, I’ve already participated in lounge topics.Just idk, how you guys keep your Regular status with these limits.

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I believe the mods can downgrade you and I believe that is the only way… :thinking: @Chaboi_3000?

There is also automatic downgrade if you dont meet the requirements.

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