My Score isn't up on The Leaderboards

I beat the kithgard brawl 11, but my score isn’t up on the all time section, and I don’t know why

I also had an alt account which also beat level 9, it isn’t up either, I need this to be fixed please (so i can flex :D)

@nick @Chaboi_3000 pls fix this fastttt :slight_smile: i cant wait to flex with my friends

Please don’t ping them, they are usually busy.

In the scores your level is always -1 your real one. So, everybody in the scores above you also have level 11. The reason you have such level is because your level in the scores starts from 0. So, if you completed the level for the first time, you will have 0 in the scores, for the second time - 1, and so on.

but i just beat it another time and now got 12, or you can say minus 1 which is 11, but its still not showing

I see it:

I think he meant the all time one

Oh, I see.
That’s most likely is so because there was one guy (or maybe two?) that used an exploit to get to a high level. They were removed from the ladder (probably Admins removed them manually by putting the highest score possible). So when you reached the “highest possible score” you were automatically removed from the ladder. I’m not sure, it’s just a theory.

It is most likely because the leader board is filled up with others who also got that score

Also just asking but are you the same watermelon as you have always been or like his bro because you are not acting like him

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No the score he got is higher than any others on the leader-board atm

funny how every1 in top5 used nalfar lol (nalfar op)
edit: realized the russian guy used omar or whatever the black haired guy is called

Omarn Brewstone. I wonder how Feanor123 did it without using swap or Okar though.

Flash, invisibility, and chain-lightning.

Lol I think 12 is the max it can go, the game just freezes when there’s way too much enemies, same for sarven treasure and sarven brawl 9

Also, for some reason all my other scores aren’t even up on the leaderboards. (All-time)

Annnnnnnnnnnnd, when I was just about to beat level 12 of kithgard brawl, this happened :frowning:
(It’s Chinese, but what it’s saying that my ram exploded and the game crashed)

I have 14 in that level but it shows that I have 12 (13) .

I just want to know like how did you even get 14?? (Like the level just crashes after 10)