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My host online:3000 automatically redirect to


I have just git clone the codecombat and installed it on my EC2.
But when I visit the website,it automatically redirect to don’t know what happened?
So I have some questions?
Have I installed successfully?
Can’t codecombat run on personal online server?
Cause it need payment?

If it needs to pay,I can pay for it.But the is too slow,my students can’t play it normally!!This is the most serious problem.

So,please help me.


Just throwing in an idea. You should be able to run everything localhost. Can your students join that server (assuming you’re in a network and ports are no problem)? (Might confuse myself though, never tried that)


Hi xi_studio, try commenting out this line to not set up the China redirect middleware.


line 27? Promise = require ‘bluebird’?
I have this problem too. How to fix.


It’s now this line.


thank you very much!


after commenting out that line
“setupCountryRedirectMiddleware app, ‘china’, config.chinaDomain”
then i
npm install
npm run dev
but still redirect to

I need your help T.T


Hmm; try commenting this line, too?


OMG!It works! Thank you!
You were great!
I really really thank you!

^ ^