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Is is possible to setup private server?



I have heard some people setting up their own CodeCombat server on China.

I want to know that is it legal?

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Hi @288c148151ffec606295, it is true. I don’t know if it’s legal or not, in my opinion it’s wrong.
Am a learner from China and I didn’t realize am on an un-official sever until Cloud Rip Mountain Section.

For some reason the forum use different url than website, thus I bet many ppl on forum might still using the wrong link. Remember, the official website is rather than the other one

One thing I want the lovely people behind Codecombat to notice is the subscription is still $79 in China and I think your BD need to think again on that price tag. For example, Adobe did an awful job on pricing and I hope Codecombat could learn from Steam (different price for different country)

With that said, I tried the subscription button…and it’s not working :joy: Please fix that


The code’s open source, but the content is not, so you can set up your own server if you change the branding and make your own levels. That pirate server has not done this, so it’s not legal. They’ve also broken a bunch of stuff, so best to play on More good stuff to come for China players soon!

[Solved] Can't visit codecombat from China anymore!

I dont know which one i have been using, i dont know which link.


Hi @TheDemonPrince is the official url, you might get re-directed to the official local site if there is one I think. In most cases you don’t need to worry about it.:slightly_smiling_face:


ya you don’t need to worry about it