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[SOLVED] Clash of Clones

My hero would survive and then went to attack the sand yaks and had little health and was killed by the sand yak now he doesn’t survive the enemy. Please help.

    enemyIndex = 0
    enemies = self.findEnemies()
    while enemyIndex < len(enemies) and > self.maxHealth / 4:
        enemy = enemies[enemyIndex]
        enemyIndex += 1
        if enemy.type != 'sand-yak':
          while > 0:
            if self.isReady("cleave"):
    if <= self.maxHealth / 4:
        enemy = enemies[enemyIndex]
        distance = self.distanceTo(enemy)
        enemyIndex += 1
        if distance > 2:
           if self.isReady("cleave"):

Try to use MoveXY to the center first, so var enemy = this.findNearest(this.findEnemies()); would find that the clones as the closest target rather than the yaks.

im using python not java

Then like this: enemy = self.findNearest(this.findEnemies())

i am not using this.

hey try to kill archers then let your soldiers and archers take care of the rest

use the cleavesword to cleave them at once

try using weak armor and a weak sword so your clone doesnt kill u fast

what would be a good strategy for this level? and would the polished bronze helmet (+37) health and tarnished bronze chestplate (+50) health and a simple sword (+6) attack work? and how do u take a screenshot?

Use a weak sword and kill Archers then go behind ur own troops

would it be wise to use no armor? or only one thing of armor? sorry for the questions, just curious @dedreous can you help?

I recommend medium armour and a medium sword.
If you have a too weak sword and armour you get killed by the ogres. Mediocre amour and sword is the best.
And do what Jeremy said:


so @Deadpool198 a couple of questions. 1) How do i take a screenshot? 2) how would i go behind the archers without getting killed by everything else?

Screenshot on mac is cmd-shift-4 (all held down) then let go and select an area with the mouse and click to take the screenshot.
For windows google it :grin:.
You could get to the archers with jump, if not just moveXY straight down the middle.

would this work? the helmet adds +135 and the chest adds +287 health and i have the boots of leaping.

That looks good, how about a bash shield?
It’s all about tactics from now on, so I can’t help you too much.

I used big armor and the weakest sword(shouldn’t have used such big armor)

i used invisabily and chain lightninged the archers

dont get too much hp, 1 time i did, it say ran out of time ---- they cant kil me