[Solved] Completed sr.coffee translation

Hello, there.
Yesterday I have posted PR with complete sr.coffee translation. After 20min or so, red cross appeared near the title of my PR telling that some code coverage reduced 0.01%. I looked a bit and it seems that it is related to the source file server/models/EarnedAchievement.js. However I didn’t find in this file anything that I could relate to my translation. Is there anything I should do to fix this issue before my PR can be applied or it will be applied even with this reduced coverage problem?

@nick it seems you are here most informed. Can you tell me what should I do. I gave also articles to a professional translator and I expect soon to have the articles translated too. Should I know anything more about translation of articles? I assume it would be enough to just post another PR when translation is done. Am I correct?


Tag @maka but do not tag nick. Nick is busy most of the time.

Thanks, I am new and still learning who is who here. Do you know anything about the issue I bumped into? (reduced code coverage by my PR)

I’ve got the answer from nick

the code coverage increasing is not a requirement, especially for translation patches, where there are no tests needed.

in case anyone else wanders.

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