[SOLVED]Deadly discs - can't play it without a watch but watch is restricted?


I’m really confused because I had to spend gems to play the Deadly discs (which I was not super happy with because I want to keep my gems for now and I don’t know if I’ll use this hero that much),
But now that I have the right hero for this level, it is telling me that I have to use a watch to play the level but at the same time it’s forbidding me to use a watch (see the picture below = restricted in this level),
I’ll admit it drives me crazy, I have no idea what is the solution to this,
Could someone help me? Did it happen to anyone else? If not should I contact someone in particular to fix this bug?

Thank you!

you need a better wristwatch you should get gilt wristwatch


Ohh that makes sense! Thanks a lot!

okay did you get a new wristwatch

Yes I bought the one you were talking about, it works now, thanks a lot!
It’s the first time I post here, how do I “close” the topic? Or maybe do I just write “Solved” in the title so it can help someone else later?

just click solve on someones post to signal that the problem is solved

I checked the solution checkbox on your solution, is it okay? :slight_smile:

sure no prob I hope you beat the level

It might take time but I’m sure I’ll learn a lot with it! Thanks again for your help!

I know this is kinda late to say this but

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