[SOLVED] How to get skeletons to summon?

What item makes me summon skeletons?


I believe it is Unholy Tome V.

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No I think it is tomb ring

Tomb ring grants you the ability to command them.

Unholy Tomb V does not give You the ability to summon skeletons nor tomb ring but somehow it just happens. Maybe when you command it causes the skeletons to come and do your action

No Unholy Tome V grants you the ability hero.cast("summon-undead"), which summons skeletons.

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since I have done summon undead to bring back my burls and turned into burls not skeletons

That is called hero.cast("raise-dead").

no I did summon undead it says bring back any allied minions in this case burls

This is what summon-undead does:

hey, what other summons are there I have the vine staff and unholy book what more allies can I summon?

You can summon burls with Vine Staff. You can raise dead to fight for you. You can summon troops with Boss Star.

Sorry, I mean what other things can I buy that make me summon?

you can’t buy a Boss Star you have get by playing levels in the Mountain and Glacier

Whats a boss star? (20 char filler)

uh @abc can you show @QinWentian what a Boss Star is

I can show him/her what it is

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okay I just can’t do a screen shot right now