Using the Tomb Ring

How do you use the tomb ring to command skeletons?

You command them as any other unit I guess. Have you already unlocked a boss star? It gives you a command-function.

It says “allied skeletons will obey your commands” but it doesn’t seem to summon any, judging by its description. If so, when would it be used? So far, allied skeletons exist in the soccer levels but those are not supposed to be commanded.

This is definitely an item most useful for wizards. There is a spell-book that can summon skeletons and raise dead (which, in certain levels, can be skeletons).

Well, doesn’t that mean this is only useable by wizards? If so, perhaps you could input a required class?

Thanks @ChronistGilver, I accepted your patch to make it wizard-only. It really is intended for use with the Unholy Tome V so that you can also command your summoned skeletons.

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