[Solved] Lost Viking need Help!


I’m confused how Lost Viking works
here is my code:

SKIP = 11
# How many sideSteps north of the Red X you've taken.
sideSteps = 1

# How many steps east of the Red X you've taken.
steps = 1

# Multiply this with steps to determine your X coordinate. DON'T CHANGE THIS!

# Multiply this with sideSteps to determine your Y coordinate. DON'T CHANGE THIS!

# The maze is 35 steps along the X axis.
while steps <= 35:
    # Take the next step:
    hero.moveXY(steps * X_PACE_LENGTH, sideSteps * Y_PACE_LENGTH)
    # Increment steps and sideSteps as appropriate, taking into account the special rules.
    steps += 1
    sideSteps += 1


Tell me, why do you post everything under the “adventurer” category? It’s clearly stated what it is for:
…and as this level has been around for years, you definitely should not be posting your question here.

And then: why don’t you use search? There are already at least 10 topics for the same level: https://discourse.codecombat.com/search?q=lost%20viking

I presume that you will find the answer to your question(s) in one of those.


I guess i wasn’t paying attention to category i was in