What should I do after Golden Choice?

I have completed the level Golden Choice in Kelvintaph Glacier, but the computer isn’t showing the next level I have to do. How do I move on to the next level?

Check the level and make sure you submitted your code, refresh the page, or try to take a different path. :+1:

the sound trick might work, too.

Submit the level again.

What do you mean ‘sound trick’?

clicking the sound button in the codecombat world screen 20 to until your mouse breaks.

I have tried everything you guys have said, but nothing is working.

Maybe you should report it as a bug (if you haven’t already) or speak to @maka.

Once in a while the next level doesn’t unlock – it’s pretty rare now, but it still happens. Generally speaking, re-submitting the last level again should clear it (possibly the level before that). If, after resubmitting, you’re still at a dead end, either direct message me here or email team@codecombat.com and I’ll look into the issue.


@123hi123 I am sorry to revive this topic but just use this link

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