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Some Achievements not working even after I win in simulation



@MunkeyShynes, @maka. I think these people will know.


@maka is best for technical support. @MunkeyShynes is a moderator here so he’ll know some basic support questions and he is a master at coding.


Thanks, but I don’t consider myself a “master” by any means. There are many on this board who know more than I do. I’m not a programmer by trade so I don’t know if I’ll ever attain that level. I’m a Microsoft Certified Server Administrator and do use powershell, scripting, and command line frequently. I started learning programming because I like to learn new things and wanted my daughter to learn it as well. When I was growing up, it was considered remarkable to simply be able to use a computer. Now, everyone can do that. I want my daughter to learn programming because every successive generation is going to raise the bar to a higher level of expected basic knowledge. Technology has invaded every single aspect of our lives and automation is rapidly replacing jobs. As I told her, “you can either be the one whose job is being replaced by a robot or you can be the one who controls the robots.” Being tech savvy is no longer a choice, it’s a basic requirement. The more you know, the better off you’ll be. Thankfully, she’s getting pretty good at this and in no time she’ll be passing me.

[“hip”, “hip”]

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OK, cool, sorry for summning you.


I assume you mean that you beat thoktar cpu. I beat it a bunch of times, and other cpus, but I didn’t get any exp and gems for that.


It’s no problem. Summon me anytime. I really enjoy helping to troubleshoot code. Debugging helps me learn. I’m just sayin’ that I’m no master coder (working on it though).

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You also summon me too :wink:


Thanks guys. :grin: :grin:


yea me too. (20 chars)