What do you think of The Trials?

If you don’t know what it is: CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript?
Do you think it’s easy, or hard?
Because I’m using Ida and it took me only ~15 minutes to figure out the code.

It was easy to me cause my dad is a professional coder

Same, my dad has coded a few apps. :smiley:

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First I do not think we have met and second my dad coded a Easter bunny tracker and Santa tracker he is working on Easter bunny helpers

Easy. Because I’m using equipment you get in the mountain.

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How if u desert?

I never tried.(20 chars)

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Idk what that mean?

My first time doing the trials was when I was in the mountain.

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Oh I do it at desert

For me, its REALLY easy. I have like 2000 health, you just need to have flags and the right code.

I have 3,335 not to brag

I have about 3600 health

I think it is hard for free users but for subscribed users, it is damn easy…

I had 4500 health using Gordon and it was pretty easy. then i challenged myself and built a ginormous array of x and y so i could moveXY to x and y, and then attack anything that comes in my path.

I’m a free user and it was still very easy. (because I had the runesword, and some decent rings and armor :3)
and I used pure code, no flags :smiley:

Even I have the Runesword…

im at the ice mountain the last world in coco

I only can do 3 levels lol

I use inspect to get free item