[Somewhat [SOLVED]] Retrieving my account


I currently can’t enter my account in the forum, I can’t enter the account inside codecombat, and I need help on going inside it. 2 days ago, a message, post-it, whatever it is called told me that my account will be deleted in 28 days. But during that time, I could try to get it back, but I can’t do that, as my account is disabled.

Thus, my codecombat account name is shadow-assassinator, and my forum account is @Seojin_Roy_Lee.


please help, @nick, @Bryukh, and maka.


What exactly happens when you put in your username and password? If it says that you have the wrong password, you can always reset it using your email.

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Hmm, this is bad. The only reason for accounts in-game being disabled is, you either cheated in a bad way, or did something that’ll get you banned. For forum bans, it’s probably because you’ve been blocked from the forum, because you got a lot of flags or an admin decided to delete you. In that case, I’ll message the devs of discourse. :wink:


I never would of thought of that. Nice work @Chaboi_3000!


Thanks, my experience for moderation in other chats told me that these should cause users to get blocked or banned.


Could you attach a screenshot of the message? @ritic


no, I explained earlier that I can’t go back into my account, not the game account (but I can’t go in that one too)

the problem is that I can’t see my email because I can’t go into my account, as it is disabled.


Wait. So your email is disabled?


Yes, and my account is disabled (not the codecombat one, but the account which is connected to it and the main account.)


Okay, I got it back working.


Phew, I’m glad that would have been bad.


my dad helped me get through it. and it still took around 5 hours.


Ooff that’s a long time, well at least it’s back now. :grin:


I’m glad you resolved the issue. In the future, if this ever happens again, click the “forgot password” button and put in your email. When you check your email, you should see a message from codecombat about a request to reset your password. Put in a new password and it should work. If you have any other issues in other areas, feel free to let us know.


I said my account was disabled, and so I can’t get it in my email.


My Bad
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