Sorcerer's Blitz: How can I find the default AI for a unit?

Hi! I know hero.on("spawn-type", fn) can be used to change the AI for a particular unit, but how can I find out what the default AI looks like? For example, how does the merger unit behave by default and how could I find the code for that?

PS: I’ve tried copying the code from the second hints page, but this AI seems different from the default AI (the end result of the round is different).

Go to CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript and then go into the code and search, or you could also ask the creator of it…

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Oh, nvm, you can’t access it… hmmm, you have to ask a moderator/creator of the level.

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My bad, I didn’t realise there was a category for Sorcerer’s Blitz, I’ll change it.

Its not really a category for arenas, but arenas are still levels and that part of the forums gets the most attention I think.

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Lol. I’m fine getting notifications.

Yeah, but like, that many? (also, we probably should not talk about this here…)