Stranded in Dunes

My hero is move. It’s attack i think my cod is OK, but when i go to boss my cod just bug and i stop on place and all bots too.

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Would you please post all your code formatted using this button in order to help you:


please don’t copy code from github


Welcome @bo_cod :partying_face: !
Like @Haris said. Please don’t copy code from github(there are chances that you wrote the same code from github but the chances are VERY slim). It ruins the fundamentals of the game(to learn to code :eyes:). Try to write your own code. If you have any problems, you can ask for help here :smiley: (as long as its your own code :slightly_smiling_face:).


wait it might be github code. NOONE except github does parentheses like that.

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i looked on github and it’s the same as the code he posted it was clearly copied.
code can’t be same as github code

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wdym by parentheses 20 char

I think he means if (hero.canCast('chain-lightning', target)) that kind of parentheses.

elif hero.canCast("chain-lighting", target)


elif (hero.canCast("chain-lightning", target))

Personally, I am not eager to continue this discussion about “this code is from github or not”. @Chaboi_3000 or someone, pls close this topic.


wait don’t close yet he might need our help. @bo_cod do you complete the level?