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Stuck on clash of clones


I’m not sure what to do on Clash of Clones. The other army has one or two more soldiers. Can anyone please provide a strategy?
Viking Helmet
Enchanted Lenses
Sapphire Sense Stone
Obsidian Breastplate
Boots of Jumping
Engraved Wristwatch
Sword of the Forges


Really you just need to utalize as many skills as you can. Personally I found it best to kill the enemies with the highest hp. I also found an article saying use your weakest sword so that your clone takes longer to kill units. While you will gain the upper hand with skills from weapons.

What happens is that I ended up killing his entire army and all my units teamed up on him. He could hardly kill anyone with the crappy sword so I won. I dont really think armor matters to much. Just use the best armor you have.

I was using the long sword for cleave but I also had enameled dragonplate, emperor’s gloves for chain lightning, deflector and the viking helmet.


Thanks! I found a solution similar to this. Someone said to not use a sword and use bash() when you can.


@FallingTree Ya I did no sword, with so many other skills, enemy hero did nothing :grinning:


:laughing: Didnt even think of that. Now that I think about it. I could have just killed everyone with my bash and chain lightning.


Yep :grinning: :grinning: