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Stuck while loading "Mixed Unit Tactics"


Hi there,

as the title says it, I am unable to load the map “Mixed Unit Tactics” ( in the mountain world.

The progress bar stays at the first 5% and nothing more will happen. The whole tav will react to close commands very slowly and no website interactions are possible (no right click, no DevTools)

The bug occours on multiple plattforms (all Windows, using the latest Chrome or Firefox).

I was able to load the level some time ago, before I created some script for this level. But that was a while ago and I dont know anymore what the script had done. I simply assume that this script like many other early scripts of mine did something terrible. So if removing this script will solve this issue, do it, analyse it throw it away I dont care about the script anymore.



One way to get around this is to load the level in a different language, and comment out your code. Then load the level back in your own language, uncomment it, then work on your code as you please.


Thank you. Now it loads.