Switching my Subscription to Another Account

Hi so I was enjoying code combat a a lot and i Asked my mom to subscribe. When she did this she accidentally created a new account and subscribed on that count and not mine, the one where i’m on the second world which I don’t want to redo all the work for that. If I have to I have to but I was wondering can i transfer the subscription or could I uncharge the credit card and pay for it on my goo account?

Thanks please reply back ASAP

You can unsubscribe from the other account and subscribe on the account you want to, but I’m guessing you want a refund. In that case, I’ll notify @nick. I can’t deal with such things.

Yes I would thanks a lot

Hey Mike, just shoot an email using the contact form on http://codecombat.com at the bottom to say which account email has the subscription, and we’ll refund that one. Meanwhile you can subscribe on your main account.

Glad you’re digging the game, and thanks for your support!

awesome thanks i will keep an eye out for the email! Thanks for the support, I love how you guys really take feedback and help the community keep up the good work