Suddenly losing every match

Treasure Grove using Javascript.

I’m losing every single battle as a human. I wouldn’t complain except that:

1: I’m using the same script I’m 4th for ogres and last place for humans (Myrek).

2: I win most vs. computer games on all difficulties.

3: When I click “Beat the ogres” I win, handily.

Is there a glitch in the back end? Are ogre and human games that different? Am I missing something?



I noticed something similar myself. almost every single “Beat the ogres” link next to a loss i click, when i watch it… i win. I just chocked it up to pure randomness factor.

I think there are still issues with loading the code for others when you hit the “Beat the Ogres” link, I don’t think we are actually playing against their code at that time.

To jwrobbs, did you accidentally change your gear? At one point I accidentally swapped my sword for the hammer in cavern survival = instant loss!