Suggestion for new play in desert duel

My idea for a play is “duplicate” it it makes the person first in line split into to different of that player then it splits their health and damage. So like people could use it with the hot effect on the drivers to push more effectively.

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Hmmm, it’s interesting. My first intention to add such ability for lane 0, but in this case “All in 0” strategy would be even more popular. I like the idea of splitting but using it with “hot” can be OP.

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so it that good or bad?

The idea is interesting, just need to think about details how exactly it should work. One of the way is split and distribute clones for 2 remaining lanes this way the complexity of using this ability compensate it power.

I dont know if you are already saying tis but maybe if you duplicate on lane 0 it puts the clones in another lane. By other lane I mean 1 and 2

Yeah, this way we can make avoid ties when “all in 0” strategy, as after such splitting the opponent have to defend lane 1 and 2 :thinking:

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I may or may nor be paying very close attention right now, my brain is racking itself with tactical strategy

wdym like to this(20 chars)

maybe the parameter should be a unit, not a lane

No, I would like to keep the method usage consistent plus this way it limit the power of plays.