"Desert Duel" Patch Notes

Here we will post updates for the “Desert Duel” arena.

Added distanceTo methods for heroes and players.

Added a play: "goliath" which increases health of your first in a lane player twice.

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Sniper cost: 1.5s → 1s

Added “hot” ability – increase the speed of the first player in a lane and make them a “sniper” range.

2nd and 3rd player parameters scaling changed: 0.8 and 0.6 => 0.85 and 0.7.

Fixed a bug for goliath and hot plays – the first in a lane player should be affected.

Not sure why but “plays” didn’t blocked the player. Fixed it. HAHAHA!

big speed 6 → 5
sniper speed 8 → 9

“switch” cooldown 0.3s → 0.1s