Desert Duel Tips and Tricks

USE YOUR ABILITIES! All the best players read the docs, and use their abilities. These abilites are, as of now, since Desert Duel is still a work in progress:

QUICKSAND - This demolishes every single entity in a given drive line. Including your own. When paired with the hero.findTheirPlayers command, you can determine when it is best to use the decimating force that is the quicksand.

BOOST - This increases the speed of all of your players in a line drive. When accompanying a heavier unit, it turns your player into a freaking wall that will destroy smaller units.

GOLIATH - This turns the player at the front of one of your lines to have increased health. So, if your playing a sniper first, and have it up front, say, 10m away from the three point line, then increasing its health could give it the time it needs to shoot.

PRESS - This slows down enemy units in a given line. If you are trying to get snipers out quick, put some tankier units with haste (by using the “boost” ability) on down the line to take care of opposition and make it so that you can score those three point shots.

HOT - In my opinion, this can be one of the most overpowered moves. This turns the lead unit in a given line into a freaking beast. It increases their speed and makes them able to shoot 3-pointers. If you use a hero.summon(“big”, 1) and then use“hot”, 1), that will turn your tank unit into a thing with already massive health, but also the ability to shoot three pointers really quickly.

SWITCH - If you in an emergency, and need to defend your goal as much as possible, switching units from the top to bottom lanes can be extremely helpful.

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I know :slight_smile: maybe I increase the cooldown for that, however its a good way to prevent ties and 0:0 cases.

I’m not going to lie, I forgot about the switch ability. But I put it in there now, so all is good.

I made myself a challenge to do as much as I could with 30 lines of code, and its not too bad i must say. It’s not the best I could do, but It’s definitely not bad. I’m at 29, and it slaps moderately hard. It will destroy those with not enough experience.

And I can do this because of ABILITIES everyone, use them. Make sure to check the docs on the regular. Literacy is your friend.

One piece of advice from me – follow “Patch Notes” topic as first month there will be a lot of changes in balance and abilities.

Already on it. I check it whenever I get the chance. I will be updating this topic accordingly.

im in 10th also i started coding a few months ago and i am not eaven 10

I have a question is there a code to find out if they are about to place like a quicksand and press. Cause I want to make a code where if that happens I can switch the lane.

No, I think it would be impossible to use the power-ups if there was…

Thanks for the tips! It helps me a lot on battles! I won everyone but only loss to Learned. I still got #1 with your tips. Thanks a lot.


Yeah, I also win against Learned

Both sides, on human I win 17
On ogres, I win 3

Me too! :slight_smile: (20 character)

Special thanks to @TheBredMeister

Yes, because your code behaves different on red and blue sides as you have “if hero.color == …”.

Yes I used that to prevent the bug when you have the same codes on both sides and you lose on one and win on the other.

Do ‘boost’ and ‘hot’ scale?

What do you mean by that?

Like, speed * 1.5 * 1.5

yes, it is a trick to “hot” and “boost”. Good speed