[Suggestion] Maybe introduce Dragons?


Im not :smiling_imp:


You were,which means you’ll never officially get the badge


Same with you with the badge you wanted to get. you asked me and @SuperSmacker and @Not_a_User to spam likes on you


BTW i really liked the levels you made @Chaboi_3000!


Which one? The illia one?


Yep @Chaboi_3000 :smile:


Lol I just realized you liked yourself by 1


This is getting really off topic.

Don’t care if you’ll call me hypocrite, but you changed it back to the first one. the profile pic, I mean.


What does hypocriticism have to do with changing profile pics? Chaboi’s griffin profile pic is cute :heart:


I mean that I was talking in a different topic in the same comment.


This topic is officially off topic!


is this a bug?


From now on everyone. Please stay on-topic, thank you.


@Chaboi_3000 but what happened?


I’m wasn’t saying that to you, sorry if you were hurt. ;( I’m making a staff post to make this on-topic


oh, but why is my screen like that?


uh, there are also other ones, it said not was banned, deemed, etc
Edit:Probably a bug.


Try again, maybe I did the word filter wrong


oh. [thinking emoji whats a word filter]


@I_can_rob_you, I’ve removed the filter, since it’s was causing a lot of problems. Posting problems should be fixed now.