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What class is better?


Hello, Im a subscriber on codecombat and dont know what to spend my money on. What class is better?!?!??
Also whats the diffrence between the Sword of the temple Gaurd and the sword of the forgotten? they both have the same DPS

  1. Look at the damage per hit. The temple guard sword attacks 4 times per second. Forgotten only attacks 2 times per second
    => you can kill munchkins, shamans and throwers twice as fast.

Forgotten also pushes the enemy backwards after a hit, but this is a questionable advantage - it may slow you down because you have to run after the enemy to hit him again.

  1. The warrior is the most versatile class, it works in most scenarios.

The rangers may or may not be better and require expensive equipment.

The wizards require a different set of equipment for each scenario. You’ll have to keep buying stuff for them. You have 3 different books (elemental, unholy,life) as secondary slots and 2 different end wands (vine & golden). Other staffs such as sulfur, redwood, oak may also be good in a very specialized scenario.

  1. Generally buy the top equipment and skip the intermediary. Buy a single item instead of two but buy best.
    A warrior with only a top sword and a top chest armor (and nothing else) is very powerful.
    A ring of speed comes handy if you need to fight lots of ranged.

Items at level 66 are not released yet. If you wait until level 21 you’ll have access to most of the top end equipment.


Ok, Thanks : ), also you know those hammers that you unlock at higher lvls what do they do and should I save up for one?


Lvl 37 stone hammer lets you build arrow-towers
Lvl 37 cut stone hammer lets you build troops instead of summoning them. Not much use I think.

I’m only level 37 so I can’t tell you about the lvl 38 hammers. I’ll check latter

Ring of earth (the only other high req item) - lets you cast earthskin
Cooldown(time to cast)=0.75s
Specific cooldown (time to recharge) = 10s
Duration = 5s ,
Health increase factor = 1.5

The health goes down once the effect is over so it basically offers 33% damage reduction 5s out of 10s


All right thanks!:slightly_smiling: im lvl 26 so cant really tell what those hammers do


I would only add that wizards are much more fun than warriors, because you have so many more options:

  • warrior tactics: melee attacks, tank, summon and command troops, run around :open_mouth:

  • wizard tactics: AOE attacks, ranged attacks, heal, buff friends, debuff enemies, summon and command troops, summon more troops (undead/burls/raise dead), create gold to summon even more troops, run around, etc… :smiley:


yeah but the stuff costs more!!!:disappointed:


runesword, no duh look at the dps and the abilities. then get the lightning glove things and the deflecter = OP!!!