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Sword Specifications


The swords have two specs: Damage XXX and (XXX DPS). I’m sure that this is probably obvious to most people but I was wondering what DPS stands for and how it differs from Damage.



DPS - Damage Per Second. It depends on the damage and the speed.


So which is better, high damage or high DPS? Also, what speed are you referring to? Is there a formula for DPS?


Each weapon has a cooldown which defines the pause between hits. For example, if cooldown == 0.5 it means it hit with pause 0.5 seconds or twice at a second.

frequency = 1 / coodown

So DPS it how much damage you can do per second:

DPS = damage * frequence = damage / cooldown

As in the first example if cooldown == 0.5 and damage = 30, then you hit twice at a second and your dps = 60

If two weapons have the same DPS, then it’s better to take less damage, because that weapon is faster. For other cases, it’s better to have the highest DPS.


Very helpful. Thank you.