[Solved] Teleport Lasso Help

Can’t defeat 4 ogres…

Your code is fine. You need a faster sword. Not necessarily a more powerful one, you need a faster one.

Sloved~ Thanks. I always choose the wrong gear… have no sense… haha

I’m using the same code:

while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    distance = hero.distanceTo(enemy)
    # If enemy.type is "munchkin"
    # AND the distance to it is less than 20m
    if enemy.type == "munchkin" and distance < 20:
        # Then attack it.

AND the rune sword, but goals are still incomplete. Is the rune sword still not fast enough?
How do I know which is fast enough? @MunkeyShynes, And how did you find out that speed was of the essence (it’s not really mentioned anywhere)?

Rune sword is one of the slowest weapons in the game, use weapons like the sword of the forgotten.

Of the weapons I can currently buy, there are eleven (11) that have less DPS than the rune sword and only two have more.
Rune sword has 192.2 DPS! How on earth is that still too slow? Is this level maybe ridiculously over-the-top difficult?

And it’s attack points is higher. when it attacks, it takes more than 1 second. I don’t see any slower sword

I don’t get it. Swords have three values, right (I can see only two of them in the gear shop)?
Damage, damage per second (DPS) and range?
Is attack points equivalent to damage (and if not, how do you know it?)?
So the more powerful a sword, the slower it is? I thought the speed of a sword was measured by its DPS…

No, to calculate the # of hits in a second, the formula is this, DPS/Attack damage per hit so for the runesword, the calculation will be, 192.2/228.57 which equals to 0.840880255501597... so the runesword has an attack cooldown of more than one seconds which is generally very slow. Try using weapons that have a hits per second of at least 2. Use the formula above to calculate hits per second DPS just means damage per second and it will not affect the speed of the sword. Or if you try to think it more simpler, if the damage is larger than DPS, that means it has a cooldown of more than a second. If DPS is more than double the damage, it means that it can hit at least 2 times in a second which is relatively fast. Hope this helps @bennypr0fane!

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To calculate how long it takes to attack, you need Attack/DPS and in this case, it would be 1.18990634755 seconds delay for each attack.

also, sword of temple guard is good, or sword of forgotten.

Those are pretty expensive

I know but I got the sword of forgotten before I finished forest.

I got the temple guard before finishing forest.

Short Sword seems nice, probably made for munchkin slaying.

kithsteel blade is better than edge of darkness in damage per second and range, but the difference in gems is 4000, and edge of darkness is more expensive

Thanks for these hints. How did you find out these things?

Um… I guess my math.

Good point… :sweat_smile:
It’s weird though that “speed” of a weapon is defined as number of hits per second.

, also because it’s the metric mentioned in the shop, not hits per second (but why not, if hits per second determines the outcome of a battle?).

And now we need a gun not a sword i passed.