Talk about FOOD and DRINKS!

The recipe:

  1. Cook thin (that’s important) pancakes.
  2. Take cottage cheese, add sugar, vanillin.
  3. Blend the cottage cheese so it would become cream.
  4. Cute the pancakes and put them all together, putting cream between layers.
  5. Put cream on the top and the back.
  6. Add something on top (a piece of chocolate, cocoa or anything else)
  7. Cut the cake.
  8. The pancaky-cake is ready!
  9. Enjoy the cake!

The recipe for a pretty much the same cake is ready. Is it allowed to share it here? (from youtube) Or does it count as self-advertising?

Brownies and chai latte :heart:



A homemade burger. :yum:


no offense but the first one looks like it’s being aten by a swarm of ants

LOL it does (20 chars)

this looks like the cheeseburger spider from cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

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no simolarity what so ever

the sesame seeds :yum:

peters burger has inperfect sesami seed (note to peter this is not an insult) and the one thats cgi has perfect sesami seeds(pardon my mispelling)

  • What is the best chip?
  • Takis
  • Doritos cool ranch
  • Flamin’ hot cheetos
  • Doirtos Nacho cheese
  • Lays sour cream and onion
  • Lays barbecue
  • Blue Heat takis
  • Paqui one chip challenge
  • Takis Nitro
  • Takis Crunchy Fajita
  • Takis Salsa Brava
  • Lays Magic Masala
  • Ruffles
  • Lays Salt & Vinegar
  • Lays Cheddar & Sour Cream.
  • Lays Dill Pickle
  • Pringles original
  • Lays original

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none of these the best ones are santitas which are corn chips made by frito lay but they have not flavoring l

It’s a hard choice between Takis and Doritos cool ranch.

If you see mac n’ cheese at a buffet, RUN AWAY!!!

If a tomato is a fruit, that makes ketchup a smoothie 0_0

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Peanut butter cookies :upside_down_face:


bubblegum/cotton candy (they’re basically the same flavor, but it tastes more like bubblegum than cotton candy) flavored ice cream and maybe some choco chip cookies

I did some cinnamon rolls this weekend! :yum:


Some soba that was cooked completely by me:


A waffle blackberry cake cooked by me and my brother: