Need refund for gift of the trees

I bought the Gift Of The Trees meaning to buy the Shredder. I need a refund for Gift of the Trees if it is possible, then that would be great. Thanks.

I don’t think you can refund items.

Yeah you can’t. :frowning:

btw gift of the trees is wwwwwwwaaaaaay better

In your opinion.

shreder does less damage less range and cooldown on scattershot also its very simaler to razordisc

Shredder actually does more damage. :slight_smile:

How is Gift of Trees wwwwwwaaaaaaay better?

Shredder does more damage and can bounce when hit obstacles. Also scattershot shoot 6 instead of 3 discs.

gift of the trees has more range and has fast scattershot (high dps as well) also low cooldown on shots

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very good weapon once paired with zana

I just bought Zana, that’s great.

u can beat basicly anyone with zana+gift

Ritic is better.
Change my mind.

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