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Pocket Edition?


Neither :] (20 chars)

I like the nether fortresses because you can get blaze rods there.

I don’t ever use blaze rods lol

but you use them when you craft them into eyes of ender

But I never use eyes of ender :smirk:

/locate stronghold
/give @s eye_of_ender 12
or smth, I don’t remember the item id

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What is an item id🤔?

item id is what you use in a command like /give to represent the item, like for example, an ender pearl would be “ender_pearl”, or steak would be “cooked_beef”


Thanks @moonwatcher348 now I get it😁

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the ID is ender_eye 20 chars

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Me - Playing in Creative
Someone else - why don’t you play survival
Me - It’s too ha- It’s- I don’t know creative’s just better

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I don’t play java edition anymore