Talk about Minecraft!

iOS as in Mac? because bedrock is only on computers (I think)

No on iPad, i thought it’s based on OS :thinking:

bedrock is every device, pe is also bedrock i think?

bedrock is really good because you can get tridents way more easily from drowned zombies :smirk:

pe is technically bedrock, yeah

Yeah, but commands aren’t as good in bedrock D:<

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In java I thnk theres only a 3 percent chance a drowned zombie would drop their trident but
in bedrock is has a 10 percent chance of dropping it

I know a way of getting infinite tridents

Imagine tryna rebuild an old barn you remember but don’t have a picture of.


And then making the world into a hangout world…


An ‘I’m Blue’ House


every end game gamer has a totem farm but not every gamer with a totem farm is endgame.
change my mind