Talk about Minecraft!

i have 4m rn, my coop is gonna hate me but i can give u 1.5m if u need it

no its fine i think i have over 30mil in my bank :D, i just log in then and there to collect my quartz minions

nice, can i have 5m lol

ofc! i can’t play now but i should be able to play later today or tomorrow morning

i can play tomorrow afternoon, whats ur timezone?

gmt+10 20characterisc

this is my time zone
US Pacific Daylight Time

California time zone (GMT-7)
so at 7:30 or smthn at my time (around 1 o clock pm for u) i can play minecraft :slight_smile:

@ineedhelpwithcoding wanna play tomorrow at ur 12:00 pm in the afternoon?

I’m no Java expert, but have you tried this?

yea, spider boots + grappleing hook, or spider boots + lvl 100 legendary tarantula pet

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You see, this is why I want to play Hypixel xd

do u have a microsoft account?

Yes? I use Windows and Minecraft so much that I wouldn’t know what to do without it xd

if u do, i think u can just download lunar client and log in to ur microsoft account and BOOM, get minecraft java for free

Really? I’ll try it later then :slight_smile:

Cubecraft pay-excessive-amounts-to-vote change my mind.

java is better change my mind

Bedrock redstone is half better. Change my mind. Repeaters and levers work underwater

did i ask? just use sponges smh

No, but ur m-


You saw nothing -_-