Talk about Minecraft!

… How did I not get a notification for that…

Ok I’ll give you my username and just add me as a friend, then you tell me when you’re available :slight_smile:

Because idk why the universe doesn’t want me to play Minecraft xD

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Sure!! (20 characters go BRRRR)

What time is it for you now? (This is so that we can plan a time to play so that I won’t have to miss your message again)

anyone play hypixel sb?
(ign: enderlord7389) (profile main is lemon not orange)

I don’t play Java :melting_face:


SAME!! WHy this Happening bor

On Bedrock my favourite server is Cubecraft.

hive is my favorite server

same they recently released a new mode, capture the flag

Cubecraft already had it :smirk:

shush let hive enjoy it’s moment lol

Ok lol

WHYYYY??? Lifeboat prison is Pay-to-win, you have to pay to vote on Cubecraft, aaaanndddd…

Ok yeah I don’t think you have to pay on Hive… Maybe I’ll start playing Hive.

About Cubecraft’s pay-to-vote system, you have to pay separately for EVERY MINIGAME

the hive is bedrock right?

i do not very good tho just dragon armour and a few million coins in bank

Yeah, it used to be Java but it cost them too much to keep it running so they removed it

what is ur ign? i can help u i am full sa with juju :slight_smile:

@ineedhelpwithcoding i cant help today or tomorrow i think, idk

its Me_IsBad however im not very active on hypixel, i just used to play smps with my friends and sometimes pvp leg!

recomendation, sell elephant pet if u dont farm, than get a mage weapin such as dreadlord sword of bonzo (than upgrade to a spirit scepter) for f7’s switch to a arch because mage u NEED hype to run f7 so juj7u arch or aots bers is better :slight_smile:

ooo okay! thank you for the tips, i already have the dreadlord sword and bonzo staff