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I can now start with black spooder, Raven, and I’m grinding horses at 33 tames

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I can play again in 6 hours if someone wants to play :slight_smile:

okay (20 chars be like)

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gonna be on soon? 20 chars

Ummm sry I have ASA. After school activity – I can play in two and a half hours or so. If not then I can play tmrw the whole day

Nvm. I have not time to play again today sorry! I can play tomorrow though

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Does anyone know who Mario is?

And I also got fire badge :fire::fire::fire:

Congrats! And no I dont know who Mario is, but I just accepted his friend request. When do you want to play today?

When can you play?20 chars
Edit: bruh I just got mushroom pet on my phone and died instantly. I didn’t have taming hat so I feel lucky

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SAME. I had my first dragon tame without tamers cap, but I died immediately to ice golem. I can play at almost any time today, except for maybe 12:20 to 13:15 which idk where you live so you might need to figure out that yourself. I live in germany

Yeah I can play after 13:15

K. For my time? I’m fine with anything from now on, but I have to eat lunch so I can play in like 30 mins. See you there!

I can play now if anyone wants to join

okay sure. make a team

Im already in a game sry. We’re friends on taming right? You can join me

Im on taming. If anyone wants to play with me, go to friends

ummmmmmmm, I got my first iceberg tame, but its kinda glitched ngl xD

@JoPro_8000 wanna play? I THINK I can rn

Jesus christ how do i play this game? there are a lot of tryhards