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yeah but I’m so used to people using it that I got used to just walling/spiking the lynx, I forgot to this time :skull:

I don’t play it much but basically you go around and you take pets (when the pets are asleep they can be tamed) but taming doesn’t always work sometimes it fails and they attack you and you use your tamed pets to attack other people and their pets


If you’ve heard of moomoo(.io) it’s basically that but with mounts and better graphics. You level up by gathering resources and killing things and unlock weapons, food, building blocks, turrets, saddles, and upgrades for everything.
Taming adds pets, which can be tamed when they are sleeping (only babies though) and can be leveled up by killing stuff and eventually ridden. Each animal has a different ability you can activate as well.

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crazy people still play taming.io

yoo its the birb. wasgood :bird:


Same old old. I think im finally back for good

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Do you play taming.io?

Not anymore (like most io games) but I did for a while. I was ice badge for a bit I think.

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:o i dont have enough time to grind highscores anymore lol

Half way to the yeti grind les gooooooooo.
Nah tho i keep taming random dragons idk man they love me.

Skibidi toliet update is so cursed wth

ikr its so werid have u used their skill??

Its really op tho goofy game

hello I’m new to this chat what do we do

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