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I have bad memory and a habit to not try to remember things sometimes.
After going through Dungeon map till the Desert maps twice.
I noticed I can’t help but to look at the instructions on what to do next.
When instructions get as specific as “if enemy, hero attack enemy”,
Its super easy its like translating English into code word for word unlike translating English into Chinese.
Cause with Chinese every word is a proverb XD.
But when specific instructions aren’t there a person like me could drawing some hard blanks.

I think we should change the uncommented instructions in the code in a way that slowly teaches the code to the user then slowly tests the memory of what the users have just learned.
Now I can’t remember which levels lacks these intended specific instructions but I would like to just throw my idea out there.

I have an example here:

This is the initial setup.

The highlighted is what I struggled to remember to do: ![|690x388](upload://wg03pjf0phyEnl79qfCPhffS9Bx.PNG)
Eventually got the answer one way or another: ![|690x388](upload://evFAXJGXN0PMxTObDhgNCkgBzk4.PNG)

Now this is my second time running through these levels and my knowledge of what code was taught feels spotty.

Here is an example of my suggestion of how we can make quicker learners for users wanting to learn code.

The instructions are generally telling the user what they need to do step by step and how to write the code out:

Here is where we tell the user what to do but how to do it is something that the user has to recall for themselves. ![|690x388](upload://9k7ZJ7iDFlLRV0DOF6W7oV2CAGO.PNG)
Here is where we shorten the step by step instrustions and start to ask what is it that needs to be done? ![|690x388](upload://uZtrpjwMJLsfKr1vWMHuysdLG7R.PNG)
Now at this point we just give the user the objective and the user has to figure it out all on their own. ![|690x388](upload://3we971yYwVipr0ePlgbStgPRDu2.PNG)

This way of teaching may also strengthen the users’ understanding of all the terminology. I know I lack it XD.

Now if I remembered right XD I can sort of see this idea while playing Code Combat yet its sometimes there and sometimes isn’t and my idea I’m talking about is not all there… sorry my memory can be vague.

After teaching the users this way is the perfect time to teach the users different variations of this situation to strengthen their understanding.
Then after the users know more and more about code, then we can implement all kinds of challenges to test the users’ knowledge, and with a strong memory of that knowledge a user can better imagine how to put code together.

Sorry if what didn’t explain things well thus the pictures XD.
English is a hard language and code is a hard language.
And sorry for the big idea just couldn’t help it XD.

I think what you are asking for is more levels where no code is given, where you are challenged to complete the level using the skills that you were suppose to pickup.

I have been working on “review” levels for the game to allow one to go back over previously learned skills, I think I will add a second step called “mastery” levels that force the student to utilize these skills.

At first I had them combined, but it was deemed too difficult. Creating two paths would be beneficial.

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Cool XD I don’t know if we are on the same page but I think were on the same chapter.